For lots of people, their Wedding day will be both the first and last time they hire a Professional Photographer. But where’s the fun in that!?

Engagement Shoots are a great experience with the awesome benefit of producing incredible photos afterwards.

If you’re nervous about being the centre of attention and the focus of the camera on your Wedding day. Then an engagement shoot is the perfect opportunity to test the waters and realise that there’s nothing to be fearful of.


I run my Engagement Shoots in a very relaxed and informal way. Once you’ve decided to book something with me, we’ll spend some time chatting about where we’d like to shoot and plan out the day.

Maybe you want to shoot somewhere special and specific to you? Or perhaps you’d rather I find the most epic location?

Wether it’s in your back garden or atop a mountain, I’ll endeavour to get some amazing photos that showcase your own individual personalities.



Whilst it serves some purpose, I am not the biggest fan of static “posed” Photography. In my experience you capture the truth of a person in those moments between poses.

During your engagement shoot you’ll find that I am much more likely to ask you to be doing something rather than holding a fixed pose. As you move i’ll fire off frame after frame and the end result is normally amazing split second moments that capture real and raw emotions.

By the end of the session you’ll feel like we’ve simply hung out for a bit and had some fun. And that’s exactly what my Engagement Sessions are. A relaxing few hours where we spend some time together having a laugh and taking great photos!



Engagement Shoot FAQ’s


Whats the best time and place for a Shoot?

Im a big fan of rural and natural locations for engagement shoots, but don’t let my preference limit you. Once you decide to book we’ll talk about where you’d like to go. The best times to shoot are either early morning or late afternoon. Midday sunlight can create harsh unflattering shadows. If we have to shoot at midday then for the best results it’s good to find a patch of shade to shoot in for the best light.

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WHAT if it rains?

If we’re shooting domestically then no matter the season there’s always gonna be a chance of rain. That’s just Great British Weather for you. More often than not if it’s going to rain it will be light and sporadic showers. If this is the case then we can take shelter and wait out the rain, or we can just run with it and get some really unique images. If the rain is heavy or if it’s predicted to be unbearably stormy then I’ll always be happy to reschedule to another available day.



Short answer: Whatever you want! I’m not here to force you to adhere to any fashion rules I might have. Ultimately I want you to feel happy, confident and most importantly - like yourself. So wear something that makes you feel great! If you’re really struggling to find something then dark colours tend to work great, as do muted natural colours. Think Mustard Yellows and Burgundy Reds.

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Book Your Engagement Shoot!

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