Only went and got ENGAGED! + Shooting my own Engagement Photos


This Friday afternoon just gone - me and Em, my long term girlfriend of 5 years, arrived at the incredible Butlers Rest Cottage. Butlers Rest Cottage is one of the two unique and romantic holiday homes available to book for short stays from Emma & Steve at Flaxfield House in the New Forest.

After a quick welcome from the lovely Emma, We made our way into the recently renovated Cottage. As we entered through the door we were greeted by the wonderful sound of Orchestral music coming from the Radio in the living room, the charm of which was absolutely not lost on us despite being a pair of 20 somethings, and a generous welcome hamper compliments of Emma & Steve.

Em & Jord Engagement Weekend Butlers Rest 01.jpg
Em & Jord Engagement Weekend Butlers Rest 02.jpg
Em & Jord Engagement Weekend Butlers Rest 03.jpg

Once we’d dropped off our bags we proceeded to do what everyone does when they arrive at places like this - explore all the rooms and make our judgements! And we were incredibly impressed! I travelled light camera wise and only had my 50mm lens otherwise I would have captured some wide pictures of the rooms. The downstairs of the cottage has a wonderful rustic kitchen/dining area, a shower room with toilet and a large living room with two sofas. Upstairs on a large mezzanine is the beautiful sleeping area and through a doorway a bathroom area with sink and large roll top bath.

Em & Jord Engagement Weekend Butlers Rest 04.jpg

My absolute favourite aspect of the Cottage layout was that, because of the nature of the roll top bath being up on the Mezzanine, I was able to prepare dinner downstairs in the kitchen whilst holding a conversation with Em as she relaxed in the bath.

Satisfied with the beautiful setting that this cottage provided, I made the decision Friday night that I was going to finally propose to Em the next morning.

We awoke the next morning to the sound of nearby cows and Emma & Steves chickens, the novelty of which put a smile on both our faces. I urged Em to stay in bed and relax as I made my way downstairs to prepare our breakfast, pausing to stealthily take the towel wrapped ring box from my bag.

I put together an unusual yet personally requested breakfast for Em which consisted of a bowl of cheerios and a plate of freshly cut pineapple, I made myself a coffee & Em a tea and put the ring box on the tray. Looking down at they tray I decided that it would delay the surprise of the engagement a little bit longer if the ring was covered and so placed a third tea cup upturned over the Ring Box.

Moments later as I placed the breakfast tray onto the bed for the eagle eyed Em she immediately remarked in a curious tone “Why’s there a third mug upside down?”

“In case I spill some coffee” I clumsily reply, and then before she realises how little sense that makes I follow up with “Why don’t you turn it over?”

She turns over the cup revealing the ring box. We’ve been together for over 5 years and have discussed our plans for the future and how we’d like to get married many times, So I assumed that the sight of a small ring box would be enough for her to realise what’s happening. I was wrong.

“What’s That!?” Em exclaimed in a genuinely puzzled manner.

“Open it”

As she opens the box and reveals the ring that she’d pointed out weeks before as the kind of ring she’d like to be proposed to with I see that she begins to realise what’s happening.

So I ask…

“I just wondered if you wouldn’t mind marrying me too much?”.

She Said Yes!

Em & Jord Engagement Shoot 01.jpg
Em & Jord Engagement Shoot 02.jpg
Em & Jord Engagement Shoot 03.jpg
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Jordan Ryan