Adorable Engagement Shoot In The New Forest!

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So 2 weeks ago now, On Easter Sunday. When we had by far the best weather we have had in months. I made my way over to Brockenhurst in the New Forest, Hampshire, to meet Jess and Nick and get some awesome Engagement Photos. I had the best time hanging out with this pair in the sun, and I loved hearing all about the story of their engagement. Which I thought i’d also share with you!

So in May of last year Nick and Jess spent 29 hours making their way over to the Philippines for a back packing holiday. And on the 8th May in the midst of their trip, Nick decided to take a break from the motorcycling, boat riding and diving with turtles in order to ask Jess to Marry him. The story itself is quite amusing. Nick wanted to capture the moment of the proposal, so he told the unaware Jess that he had planned to use his go pro to take a nice time-lapse of the sunset that evening. They made their way down to the beach and Nick began to nervously set up his camera. As Nick was doing so Jess exclaimed that she had left her sunglasses back at their accommodation and would have to go back. ‘Don’t worry you won’t need them’ Nick tried to explain to Jess. Ridiculous she thought, If they’re there to look at the sunset she’s going to need her sunglasses. So she made off back to the accommodation to get them. Fortunately this did allow time for nick to set up his camera just right. Once Jess returned Nick uncharacteristically asked her if she’d like to pose for ‘one of those cheesy couples silhouette shots’. Bemused by the suggestion Jess still obliged. They walked towards the shore, perfectly framed in the centre of Nick’s cameras view. It was there, at sunset, on a beautiful beach in the Philippines in the midst of their backpacking adventure that Nick dropped to his knee and asked Jess to be his wife. She of course said yes and they’re due to tie the knot later this year.

This engagement photoshoot took place in the woods nearby to Tilery Road Car Park in Brockenhurst. Despite their energy and outgoing nature the pair initially found the concept of being photographed incredibly awkward. I assured them that even nervous laughter is still genuine laughter and is bound to translate beautifully to photographs, and so we ran with it. As we proceeded however, the nervous laughter gradually faded and made way for a much more genuine and infectious laughter that became the defining feature of the day. I can’t say enough positive things about this couple. Despite being essentially strangers, by the end of the session I felt like i’d known them for years.

Wish you all the best guys! Good Luck with the Wedding and the Move!

New Forest Engagement Photography.jpg
New Forest Engagement Photography.jpg
New Forest Engagement Photoshoot.jpg
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Wedding Photography In New Forest Hampshire.jpg
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New Forest Engagement Photography.jpg
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